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  • Build Our Nation is an innovative educational experience in Architecture.

    Taifa Letu Tujenge which means Build Our Nation in Swahili is the first live project involving multitudes of students working together internationally to explore and develop a design for a women's community centre in the DRC. Our vision is that through large scale collaboration this building will be realised.

    Build Our Nation & Taifa Letu Tujenge: CoCoon Design Build Symposium The symposium proposed to gather for the first time key organisers and participants of outstanding DesignBuild projects undertaken by different universities from Europe, Arab countries, Latin America, Asia, Australia and the U.S., governments and international development cooperation organisations as well as their sponsors and critics.

    We invite you to join us on twitter by commenting and sharing your thoughts on the work, progress and ideas which we are posting here.

    Click Here: Build Our Nation Twitter Page


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